District Policies and Regulations

Available in each school's media center and in the Board of Education office.

Please note, our policies are organized in the following manner:
By Laws
Teaching Staff Members
Support Staff

Adoption Resolution
Authority and Powers
By Laws and Policies
Executive Authority
Adjudication of Dispute
Board Self Evaluation
Recognition of Retires Employees & Board Members
Board Memeber Number and Term
Board Members and Term-Sending District
Board Member Qualifications, Prohibited Acts & Code of Ethics (M)
NJSBA Code of Ethics
Board Member Election & Appointment
Board Member Orientation
Board Member Resignation & Removal
Board Member Authority
A Appendix A-Compensation & Expenses
Board Member Compensation & Expenses
Board Member Indemnification
Organization Meeting
Board Officers
Annual Appointments
Annual Motions & Designations
Board Committees
Legislative Program
Call, Adjournment, & Cancellation
Notice of Board Meetings
Conduct of Board Meeting
Executive Sessions
Public Participation in Board Meetings
Recording Board Meetings
Recording Board Meetings-Regulation
Board Member Use of Electronic Mail/ Internet
Duties of President & Vice President
Duties of Treasurer of School Moneys
Duties of Public School Accountant
Legal Services
Contracts with Independent Consultants
Collective Bargaining & Contract Approval Ratification
Professional Services
District Organization
Organizational Chart
Management Team
Staff Liaison Committees
Affirmative Action Program
Board-Superintendent Relations
Employment of Chief School Administrator (M)
Superintendents Duties
Exit Interviews
Evaluation of Superintendent (M)
Employment of School Business Administrator Board Secretary
Duties of School Business Administrator Board Secretary
Evaluation of School Business Administrator
Evaluation of the Board Secretary
Job Descriptions (M)
Rights of Persons with Handicaps or Disabilities Policy on Non-Discrimination (M)
School-Level Planning (M)
Comprehensive Equity Plan (M)
Equal Employment Opportunity (M)
Equal Employment Opportunity Complaint Procedure
Administrator's Code of Ethics
Affirmative Action Program for Employment & Contract Practices Employment Practices Plan (M)
Internal Controls (M)
Victim Of Domestic or Sexual Violence Leave
Administrative Employment Contracts
Residency Requirement for Person Holding School District Office, Employment, or Position
Philosophy of Education District Mission Statement
School District Goals & Objectives
Curriculum Content (M)
2200 (R)
Curriculum Content
Curriculum Development (M)
Adoption of Courses (M)
Course Guides (M)
Controversial Issues
Affirmative Action Program for School and Classroom Practices (M)
Religion in the Schools
Pupil Grouping
Class Size
Absentee Homework Policy
Field Trips
Use of Technology
Acceptable Use of Computer Network Computers & Resources (M)
Media Center Library
Guidance Counseling (M)
Guidance Counseling
Home Instruction Due to Health Condition
Programs for Pupils at Risk (M)
Programs/Services for Students in HIgh Poverty/High Need Schools Districts
No Child Left Behind Programs (M)
Academic Standards, Academic Assessments & Accountability (M)
No Child Left Behind Complaints
Highly Qualified Teachers (M)
Parental Involvement (M)
Pupil Surveys, Analysis & or Evaluations (M)
Unsafe School Choice Options (M)
Programs for Pregnant Pupils
Pupil Intervention & Referral Services
Health and Physical Education
Bilingual & ESL Education (M)
Standards-Based Instructional Priorities
Co-Curricular Activities (M)
Athletic Competition (M)
2431.2 (R)
Medical Exam Prior to Participation on a School-Sponsored...Team or Squad
Practice & Pre-Season Heat-Acclimation for Interscholastic Athletics
Prevention & Treatment of Sports-Related & Non Sports-Related Concussions & Head Injuries
School Sponsored Publications
Summer School
Community Education
Special Education Sending Districts (M)
Gifted & Talented Pupils
Needless Public Labeling of Pupils with Disabilities (M)
Surrogate Parents & Foster Parents (M)
Independent Educational Evaluations
Home & Out of School Instruction for General Education Pupils
Adoption of Educational Materials
Instructional Supplies (M)
Resource Materials
Copying Copyrighted Material
Live Animals in School
Educational Program Evaluation (M)
Pupil Assessments (M)
Grading System
New Jersey Quality Single Accountability Continuum (QSAC)
Creating Positions
Abolishing Positions
Employment Contract
Employment of Teaching Staff Members (M)
Induction Program for Provisional Teachers
Professional Personnel Orientation
District Mentoring Program
Assignment and Transfer
Assignment of Additional Duties
Nonrenewal of Nontenured Teaching Staff Member
Certification of Tenure Charges
Certification of Tenure Charges
Conduct in Reduction in Force
Withholding an Increment
Teaching Staff Member/School District Reporting Responsibilities
Physical Examination (M)
Examination for Cause
Code of Ethics
Attendance (M)
Conflict of Interest
Dress and Grooming
Use of Corporal Punishment
Substance Abuse (M)
Evaluation of Teachers
Evaluation of Teaching Staff Members, Excluding Teachers & Administrators
Evaluation of Administrators, Excluding Principals, Vice Principals & Assistant Principals
Evaluation of Principals, Vice Principals & Assistant Principals
Outside Activities
Outside Employment as Athletic Coach
Political Activities
Professional Development (M)
In-Service Training (M)
Research Projects by Staff Members
Professional Responsibilities
Liability for Pupil Welfare
Inappropriate Staff Conduct
Electronic Communications Between Teaching Staff and Students
Academic Freedom
Acceptable Use of Computer Network(s) Computers and Resources by Teaching Staff Members
Staff Members Use of Cellular Telephones
Healthy Workplace Environment Teaching Staff
Sexual Harassment
Teaching Staff Member Tenure
Work Related Disability Pay
Family Leave (M)
New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance Program
Military Leave
Jury Duty
Job Expenses (M)
Creating Positions
Employment Contract
Employment of Support Staff Members (M)
Assignment and Transfer
Nonrenewal of Nontenured Support Staff Member
Freezing or Reducing Wages
Support Staff Member/School District Reporting Responsibilities
Physical Examination
Examination for Cause
Dress and Grooming
Substance Abuse
Commercial Driver Controlled Substance & Alcohol Use Testing (M)
Employee Evaluation
Outside Activities
Political Activities
Employee Training
Inappropriate Staff Conduct
Electronic Communications Between Support Staff and Students
Acceptable Use of Computer Network (s) Computers & Resources by Support Staff Members
Staff Member's Use of Cellular Telephones
Healthy Workplace Environment Support Staff
Sexual Harassment (M)
Work Related Disability Pay
Family Leave (M)
New Jersey’s Family Leave Insurance Program
Military Leave
Jury Duty
Job Expenses (M)

Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Pupils (M)
Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Pupils
Entrance Age
Children Displaced By Domestic Violence
Education of Homeless Children
Assignment of Pupils
Withdraw from School
Attendance (M)
Late Arrival & Early Dismissal
Excusal From Class or Program
5305 Health Services Personnel
Health Services to Non-Public Schools
Nursing Service Plan
Pupil Health Records
Health Services (M)
Health Services Personnel
Administration of Medication (M)
Administration of Medication
Administration of Medical Marijuana
Administration of Medical Marijuana R
Management of Life Threatening Allergies in School
Do Not Resuscitate Orders
Treatment of Asthma
Service Animals
Diabetes Management
Screening for Dyslexia
Pupil Suicide Prevention
Pupil Suicide Prevention
Promotion and Retention (M)
Promotion From Eighth Grade
Reporting Pupil Progress (M)
Honoring Pupil Achievement
Graduation & Yearbook Fees (M)
Expectations for Pupils Conduct (M)
Dress and Grooming
Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (M)
Regulation-Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying
Care of School Property (M)
Pupil Use of Vehicles
Use of Electronic Communication & Recording Devices
Dating Violence at School
Disorder and Demonstration
Substance Abuse (M)
Smoking (M)
Disaffected Pupils (M)
Disruptive Pupils (M)
Use of Physical Restraint
Pupil Discipline Code of Conduct (M)
Removal of Pupils from the General Education Program for Weapons Firearms Offenses (M)
Suspected Gang Activity
Pupil Rights
Pupil Grievance
Independent Publications
Equal Educational Opportunity (M)
Sexual Harassment (M)
Marital Status & Pregnancy (M)
Equity in Educational Programs & Services (M)
Transgender Students
Pupil Right of Privacy
Student Government
Pupil Fund Raising
Social Events & Class Trips
School Dances
Public Performances by Pupils
Special Education Medicaid Initiative (Sem) Program (M)
Reimbursement of Federal and Other Grant Expenditures
Tax Revenues
Tuition Income
Grants From Private Sources
Corporate Sponsorships
Fiscal Planning
Data Processing
Budget Preparation (M)
Budget Hearing (M)
Contracts for Goods or Services Funded by Federal Grants
Purchases Subject to Bid
Multiple Year Contracts
Competitive Contracting
Political Contributions
Contributions to Board Members & Contract Awards
Purchases Budgeted
Budget Transfers, Emergency Purchases & Over Expenditure of Funds (M)
Expenditures for Non-Employee Activities, Meals & Refreshments
Emergency Contracts
Cooperative Purchasing
Choice of Vendor
Payment of Claims
School District Travel
Tuition Assistance
Purchase of Food Supplies (M)
Payroll Authorization
Direct Deposit
Payroll Deductions
Petty Cash (M)
Scholarship Fund
Student Activity Fund
Capital Reserve Account
Financial Objectives
Financial Reports (M)
Withholding or Recovering State Aid
Conditions of Receiving State Aid
Goals & Objectives in Alterations & New Construction
Long-Range Facilities Planning (M)
Educational Adequacy of Capital Projects
Site Selection & Acquisition
Selection of Architects & Engineers
Change Orders
School Closing
Gifts, Grants, & Donations
Disposition of Property
Maintenance & Repair (M)
Energy Management Conservation
Hygienic Management (M)
School Integrated Pest Management Plan (M)
School Safety (M)
Eye Protection (M)
Hazardous Substances
Smoking on School Grounds (M)
Alcoholic beverages on School Premises
Drug Free Workplace (M)
Security on School Premises
Electronic Surveillance in School Buildings & on School Grounds
Property Inventory
Energy Conservation
Unmanned Aircraft Systems
Use of School Facilities
Use of School Facilities-Regulation
Use of the Performing Arts Center
Recreational Use of the Playgrounds
Loan of School Equipment
Naming of Facilities
School Vehicle Assignment, Use, Tracking, Maintenance & Accounting
Attendance Areas
School Organization (M)
Pupil Enrollments (M)
School Year
School Day
Public Records
Managing Electronic Mail
Personnel Records
Pupil Records (M)
Emergency Evacuation
Preparedness for Toxic Hazard
Care of Injured & Ill Persons (M)
Reporting Accidents
Control of Communicable Diseases (M)
HIV Aids
Reporting Violence, Vandalism, Alcohol, & Other Drug Abuse (M)
Reporting Potentially Missing or Abused Children (M)
Hate Crimes & Bias Incidents in School (M)
Crisis Response
Response to Concerted Job Action
Food Service
School Nutrition
School Lunch Program Biosecurity Plan
Lunch Offer Versus Serve
Free & Reduced Rate Meals
Outstanding Food Service Charges
Pupil Transportation (M)
Pupil Supervision After School Dismissal
Subscription Busing
Bus Driver Responsibility (M)
Community Use of Transportation (M)
Transportation by Private Vehicle (M)
Transportation of Disabled Pupils (M)
Monitoring Devices on School Vehicles
Property Insurance
Employee Indemnification
Pupil Accident Insurance
Religious Holidays
Opening Exercises
Ceremonies & Observances
Public Relations
Public Information Program (M)
Public Complaints & Grievances
Citizens Advisory Committees (M)
School Visitors
Public Attendance at School Events
Crowd Control
School Volunteers
Volunteer Athletic Coaches & Co-Curricular Activity Advisors/Assistants
Community Organizations
Cooperation Between Parents & School
Parent Organizations
Parental Responsibilities
Rights of Parents
Parental Liability for Vandalism
Home Schooling & Equivalent Education (M)
Parent Conferences
Local Units
Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies (M)
Notification of Juvenile Offender Case Disposition
Cooperation with Public Library
News Media Relations
Cooperation with Educational Agencies
Student Teachers Interns
Educational Research Projects
Administration of School Surveys
Special Intrest Groups
Contests for Pupils
Use of Students in Public Information Program
Recruitment by Special Interest Groups (M)
Solicitations by Vendors