Board of Education

Board of Education

BOARD GOALS 2016-2017:

1. Continue practicing strict, financial sustainability activities and adopt a fiscally responsible budget that includes funding for innovative programs designed to enhance student achievement within and beyond the school day.

2. Take a comprehensive look at full day kindergarten (FDK) with a cost/benefit analysis; comparing academic success associated with FDK; finding out exactly what FDK means in Millstone losing revenue and possible tax impact.

3. Continue efforts to work with the Legislature and other sending districts to develop legislation capping tuition increases of receiving districts at 2%.

4. Protect existing arrangements regarding high school choice and evaluate expansion of high school choices in a manner consistent with existing law.


1. Review true costs and impacts of professional development. Identify ways for teachers to stay in the classrooms.

2. Provide a firm recommendation with options regarding the use of district facilities in relation to district enrollment.

3. Create a curriculum articulation committee between UFRSD and MTSD.

4. Continue to develop and promote a variety of effective communication strategies and the dissemination of information that will support a positive climate and culture, including revising the website (with community input) to address parent needs.

5. Fully implement Next Generation Science Standards, continue to build and actively explore opportunities for STEAM related cross-curricular hands on activities.