Board of Education

Board of Education

BOARD GOALS 2017-2018:

1. Provide support and, where appropriate, funding for the District’s efforts to develop and pursue models for personalized instruction.

2. Secure student performance data which, when reviewed and analyzed by authorized District personnel, will permit the Board to assess the effectiveness of the district educational programming. 

3. Evaluate the feasibility of providing choice programming with rigorous standards for entry.

4. Review the current Strategic Plan in place for the District, assess progress toward Plan compliance, and determine whether a new or updated Plan is needed

5. Develop and maintain a capital projects plan to analyze existing systems and project both long and short term district needs, and inform the District’s approach with respect to future projects.


1. Continue to identify and implement best instructional practices to personalize instruction and meet the individualized needs of all students

2. Through authorized personnel, review individualized student data to assess the effectiveness of the District’s educational programs and provide the Board of Education with a summary of the results of that review.

3. Review and assess the District’s outdoor facilities, including student gardens; Provide an update to the Board as to whether improvements/renovations are necessary, with projected costs. 

4. Evaluate and where appropriate improve school working and social “climate” for students and staff.

5.Review the continuing progress of technology use within the District, including Chromebooks, and its impact on curriculum and student achievement.