We envision a unique, inclusive learning community at the forefront of education.
Parents, staff and students will model and promote individuality, integrity, respect, and civic and social responsibility.
Through an engaging, innovative curriculum, we will challenge students to become independent, self-directed learners who are adaptive problem solvers inspired to impact and thrive in an evolving society.
In realizing this vision, we will establish our community as an exemplary leader in education.

2016 - 2017 SCHOOL YEAR

July 26, 2016*   BOE Meeting; Personnel Exit Report; EVVRS Period 2 Report pdf pdf
August 29, 2016   BOE Meeting; Adoption of 2016-2017 BOE/District Goals and Objectives  pdf pdf
September 12, 2016   BOE Meeting   pdf pdf
September 26, 2016   BOE Meeting pdf pdf
October 10, 2016   BOE Meeting; High School Transition pdf pdf
October 24, 2016  BOE Meeting; Student Achievement Report-PARCC  pdf pdf
November 14, 2016    BOE Meeting  pdf pdf
November 28, 2016  BOE Meeting; Roof Referendum Presentation pdf pdf
December 12, 2016  BOE Meeting; Roof Referendum Presentation pdf pdf
January 3, 2017*  BOE Reorganization Meeting  pdf pdf
January 23, 2017^^
 CANCELLED -BOE Meeting; EVVRS Period 1 Report; Mid -Year Staff Review  pdf

January 26, 2017*  BOE Meeting; EVVRS Period 1 Report (re-schedule) pdf pdf
February 13, 2017^^  BOE Meeting; Full Day Kindergarten Discussion; Budget Discussion; Mid- Year Staff Review  pdf pdf
February 27, 2017 
 BOE Meeting; Student Recognition; Personalized Learning Presentation;  pdf pdf
March 13, 2017 
 BOE Meeting  pdf pdf
March 27, 2017
 BOE Meeting; Budget Discussion/Preliminary Adoption  pdf pdf
 April 3, 2017   BOE Meeting pdf
 April 17, 2017   BOE Meeting   pdf
 April 19, 2017   BOE Meeting   pdf
April 24, 2017 
 BOE Meeting; Public Budget Hearing pdf pdf
May 8, 2017^^
 BOE Meeting; End of Year Staff Review pdf pdf
 May 9, 2017  BOE Meeting
May 22, 2017
 BOE Meeting; Student and Staff Recognition  pdf  pdf
June 12, 2017 
 BOE Meeting  pdf  pdf
June 26, 2017
 BOE Meeting; CSA Evaluation; Board Self - Evaluation   pdf  

*Other than a Monday
^^ Executive Session – 5:30pm